Adult Music Classes: The Journey of Self-Discovery Through Melody

Our Adult Music Classes at Harmony, Hope & Healing offer a unique and enriching experience for individuals seeking self-discovery, personal growth, and the healing power of music. Through a diverse range of activities, from active listening to expressive songwriting, we provide a safe and welcoming space for adults to explore the world of music and their own inner landscapes.

What We Do:

In our Adult Music Classes, we offer a dynamic blend of activities that foster creativity, self-expression, and connection:

  • Active Listening: We explore the depths of music through active listening, allowing participants to connect with the emotions and stories behind the songs.
  • Reflection and Discussion: We delve into song lyrics and personal goals, sparking meaningful discussions and reflections that encourage self-awareness and self-advocacy.
  • Breathing Exercises: We incorporate breathing exercises that not only enhance vocal abilities but also promote relaxation and emotional balance.
  • Solo and Ensemble Activities: Participants engage in solo and ensemble activities such as drumming, singing, body percussion, and more, allowing them to express themselves individually and as part of a collective.
  • Creative Expression: We encourage creative expression through activities like dancing, songwriting, vocal improvisations, and circle-keeping techniques.

Our Objectives:

In our Adult Music Classes, we have specific objectives in mind:

  • Encouraging Self-Awareness: Music becomes a mirror through which participants explore their emotions, thoughts, and personal journeys, promoting self-awareness.
  • Fostering Self-Advocacy: Through discussions and reflections, individuals learn to articulate their needs, desires, and goals, fostering self-advocacy skills.
  • Enhancing Emotional Literacy: Music is a language of emotions. Our classes help participants develop a deeper understanding and expression of their emotional experiences.
  • Building Community: Our classes follow the Restorative Justice Peace Circle model, creating a supportive and empathetic community where participants connect with others through shared experiences and stories.

Discover the Healing Power of Music

Our Adult Music Classes are not just about learning to play instruments or sing songs; they’re about embarking on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and healing. It’s a place where you can explore the transformative potential of music in a nurturing and understanding environment.

Join us in the exploration of melody and emotion and uncover the harmony that exists within you. Our Adult Music Classes are a doorway to self-awareness, self-advocacy, and the restorative power of music.