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Harmony, Hope & Healing, every note, every voice, and every question is vital. Whether you’re seeking to enroll in our programs, partner with us, or simply learn more about our musical journey, we’re here to listen and respond. Drop us a line, and let’s create harmonies together.

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Harmony in Understanding

Answers to Your Echoing Queries

Your questions strike a chord with us. Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions to find clarity and insight into our mission, programs, and collaborative efforts. If you don’t find the answer you’re seeking, don’t hesitate to strike up a new note with us!

Our main goal is to harness the transformative power of music, offering solace and empowerment to individuals and families, helping them navigate life’s challenges and express themselves authentically.

We actively collaborate with various organizations across the Chicagoland area, including schools, community centers, and healthcare facilities, to extend our services and reach individuals and families in need.

While we have many public events open to everyone, some of our healing events are privately sponsored by our partners and aren’t open to the general public. Keep an eye on our events page for information on public events you can attend.

Organizations interested in partnering with us can reach out through our ‘Contact Us’ page or call our administration for collaboration possibilities.

Kind-hearted individuals and organizations can donate through our website. We also welcome volunteers and partnerships for those looking to make a hands-on difference.