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Our Mission

Healing Through the Restorative Power of Music

Our mission is to heal individuals and families through the restorative power of music. We provide a safe and empowering environment where vulnerable individuals can find solace, express themselves, and rebuild their lives through musical expression. By harnessing the universal language of music, we create opportunities for healing, growth, and hope.

Our Vision

Building a Harmonious World Where Everyone Thrives

We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive through music. We strive to create an inclusive society where music acts as a catalyst for positive change – nurturing creativity, fostering connections, and inspiring personal transformation. Through our programs and collaborations, we aim to empower individuals to discover their innate strengths while embracing the diversity of voices that make up our vibrant community.

Our Values

The Pillars of Our Journey


At the very heart of Harmony, Hope & Healing lies our deep commitment to empathy. We actively listen with open hearts, ensuring that each individual’s unique narrative is acknowledged and understood. Through compassionate and non-judgmental support, we offer solace tailored to individual needs.


Beyond our walls, we recognize the immeasurable strength that comes from collaboration. By forging alliances with partners across the Chicagoland area—from schools to community centers and healthcare facilities—we cast a wider net of healing, ensuring our melodies of hope reach the corners where they are needed most.


Resilience isn’t just a value—it’s a celebration. We honor the innate tenacity and strength of every individual journeying with us. In the embrace of our nurturing environment, we watch as setbacks transform into comebacks, and through music, hope is renewed with each passing day.

We Educate

Imparting knowledge and skills through music, we enlighten minds and open new horizons for personal growth.

We Help​

With compassion at our core, we offer a hand of support, aiding individuals to heal and find their melody in life..

We Build​

Fostering unity and connections, we construct bridges of understanding, harmony, and collaboration in communities.

We Donate​

Driven by generosity, our contributions ignite hope, ensuring music remains a beacon of light for all.


Harmonizing Lives Through Music

Harmony, Hope & Healing, at our core, is a symphony of compassion interwoven with the timeless power of music. Through our transformative programs, we offer more than just melodies; we provide solace and empowerment. Our harmonious approach helps individuals and families navigate life’s intricate challenges, allowing them to rediscover their authentic voices, and reigniting the joy and hope that music uniquely brings. In this symphony of life, we are the conductors of harmonizing lives through music, where every note is a testament to our commitment to healing and transformation.

She said that Harmony, Hope &, Hope & Healing taught her to use the music to feel good and she hasn’t stopped since..


Above and Beyond Recovery Center

Every Note Counts in Our Symphony of Healing

Compose Change with Your Contribution

In the world of Harmony, Hope & Healing, every note counts, and your contribution can create beautiful melodies of change. Join us in our mission to heal and empower lives through music. Your donation serves as the conductor that leads this transformative symphony, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their challenges, can access the healing power of music. With your generous support, we can reach more individuals and communities, touching hearts, igniting resilience, and fostering hope. Together, let’s compose a world where the music of compassion reigns supreme. Join the Symphony of Giving today!

Join the Symphony of Giving