In Loving Memory of

Marge NyKaza

Honoring a Visionary Leader’s Legacy

Dear Harmony, Hope & Healing Community,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of our beloved founder, Marge Nykaza. We remember and honor the incredible life and enduring legacy of a visionary leader whose impact will forever resonate within our organization and the lives of those she touched.

Marge Nykaza was not just the founder of Harmony, Hope & Healing; she was the heart and soul that infused our organization with boundless compassion, unwavering dedication, and an unshakable belief in the healing power of music. Her journey was a testament to resilience, empathy, and the extraordinary capacity of one person’s vision to transform countless lives.

Marge’s belief in the transformative nature of music led her to create a haven of hope and healing, where individuals facing vulnerability could find solace and rebuild their lives through musical expression. Her pioneering spirit introduced music therapy as a cornerstone of our programs, making Harmony, Hope & Healing a leader in providing accessible and impactful music therapy services. Through her guidance, our certified music therapists have empowered individuals to find their voice, process emotions, and enhance their well-being through the profound connection between music and healing.

But Marge’s impact reached far beyond the walls of our organization. She was a fervent advocate for collaboration, forging partnerships that extended our reach into schools, community centers, healthcare facilities, shelters, and other vital community spaces. Through these collaborations, her vision of healing through music reached those who needed it most, amplifying her impact and spreading hope throughout Chicago.

Marge’s legacy lives on within us. Her values of empathy, collaboration, and resilience continue to be the guiding principles behind everything we do. As we mourn the loss of an extraordinary visionary, we also celebrate the indelible mark she left on Harmony, Hope & Healing. Every note played, every program conducted, and every life transformed is a testament to the profound impact of Marge’s vision.

Though our hearts are heavy, we are committed to continuing Marge’s dream. We will honor her memory by upholding the core values she instilled in our organization and ensuring that her legacy of healing and hope through music lives on. Together, we will carry forward her vision, united by a shared commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

In these moments of reflection, let us remember Marge Nykaza as a visionary leader, a compassionate soul, and a true beacon of hope. Her spirit will forever inspire us to create harmony, spread healing, and make a lasting impact in our community.

Daily Southtown (part of Tribune) wrote and published an article about Marge

Here is two excerpts from the article:

Mike Nykaza said music was his mother’s “love language.” She created Harmony, Hope and Healing to help people who have been marginalized find their voice.

“It was how she communicated. She knew that music was a universal language that she could use to inspire and help. It was all about service and how can we make the community we live in better and for everyone,” Mike Nykaza said. “She firmly believed that eve1yone can sing. No matter how good your voice is, collectively together we can accomplish a lot.”

Ed D’Onofrio, board member and past president of Harmony, Hope and Healing, said he joined the organization after being an auctioneer for an event the organization held about seven years ago, when he meet and talked with Nykaza.

“I was struck by the mission and the people and especially by Marge,” D’Onofrio said. “She was such a force of energy and passion.”

Full Article: Daily Southtown – Marge Nykaza

Continuing Marge’s Dream

Introducing Harmony, Hope & Healing

Step into the world that Marge Nykaza envisioned—a world where music becomes a catalyst for healing and hope. In this video, we take you on a journey through Harmony, Hope & Healing, an organization Marge founded to transform lives through the power of music. As we pay our respects to her inspiring legacy, we invite you to witness the embodiment of her vision. From music therapy to community collaboration, Marge’s dream lives on through our dedication to fostering solace, growth, and community resilience. Welcome to Harmony, Hope & Healing—a legacy of harmony, ignited by Marge’s unwavering spirit.

Continuing Marge’s Legacy

Marge Nykaza’s legacy remains alive within Harmony, Hope & Healing. Her vision, passion, and unwavering commitment continue to be the guiding force behind everything we do. As we move forward, we honor her enduring contributions by upholding the core values she instilled in our organization – empathy, collaboration, and resilience.

Every program, every performance, and every workshop we offer is a testament to the impact Marge has made. Through her visionary spirit, we provide transformative experiences that help individuals find healing, hope, and strength through music.

How We Continue to Help

Join Hands for Positive Change: Exploring Our Impactful Programs

At Harmony, Hope & Healing, we offer various programs and services aimed at providing support through the restorative power of music.

Music Therapy Sessions

Our personalized music therapy sessions provide a safe space for self-expression, emotional processing, and healing. Led by certified music therapists experienced in utilizing music as therapy, these sessions can empower you to navigate challenges, develop coping strategies, and enhance overall well-being.

Community Performances

Experience the uplifting power of music firsthand by attending our captivating community performances. These events showcase the talent and resilience of our Harmony Ensemble while spreading joy throughout our community. Join us for an evening filled with beautiful melodies and inspiring performances that can uplift your spirits.

Workshops and Educational Programs

Engage with our workshops and educational programs designed to explore the therapeutic benefits of music. Delve into topics such as songwriting, vocal techniques, rhythm exploration, and mindfulness through music. Whether you have previous musical experience or are simply interested in harnessing the power of music for personal growth, these programs offer valuable insights and opportunities for self-expression.

Collaborative Partnerships

Harmony, Hope & Healing actively collaborates with organizations across the Chicagoland area to extend our reach and impact. Through these partnerships, we aim to provide our services to individuals and families who need them most. If you represent a school, community center, healthcare facility, shelter, or other social service organization interested in partnering with us to bring healing through music to your community, please reach out to explore collaboration possibilities.

Marge’s Inspiring Leadership

Enduring Legacy of Inspiring Leadership

Marge Nykaza’s visionary leadership lives on through the legacy of those she chose to carry her dream forward. Her ability to identify leaders who share her passion and commitment has ensured that her vision remains vibrant and enduring. These chosen individuals, deeply committed to upholding Marge’s values, have taken up the mantle, dedicating themselves to preserving her legacy. As we navigate the future, we take comfort in the fact that Marge’s dream will not only survive but thrive under the guidance of these leaders. Their dedication inspires us all to ensure that her vision of healing through music continues to touch lives, creating a lasting impact that echoes her unwavering spirit.

Marge’s lasting influence

In this heartfelt testimonial section, we honor the remarkable legacy of Marge Nykaza, the visionary force behind Harmony, Hope & Healing. Through the words of those whose lives she touched, we invite you to witness the profound influence she had on individuals and communities alike. These testimonials illuminate the threads of inspiration, healing, and empowerment that Marge wove into the fabric of countless lives. Join us in commemorating her enduring influence through these heartfelt stories of transformation and hope.

Share how Marge, the visionary founder of Harmony, Hope & Healing, touched your life—whether through music therapy, community collaboration, or her steadfast commitment to healing. Your testimonial will honor her legacy and inspire others through the potent impact of music. Contribute your voice to this profound narrative collection.

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