Harmonic Hearts Behind the Healing

The Dedicated Souls Amplifying Our Mission

Shelia Pardo – Executive Director

As the guiding force behind Harmony, Hope & Healing, Shelia Pardo is a visionary leader who brings unwavering dedication and passion to the organization. With her profound expertise in nonprofit management and a heart full of compassion, she ensures that our mission thrives and impacts lives in the most meaningful ways.

Tikila Jackson – Office Manager

The efficiency and smooth operation of Harmony, Hope & Healing are in the capable hands of Tikila Jackson. With her keen organizational skills and warm demeanor, Tikila keeps our administrative tasks seamlessly in sync, allowing our team to focus wholeheartedly on the transformative work we do.

I. Ashaki Williams-McClain – Program Director

With decades of programming experience and a lifetime as an artist, Ashaki is passionate about the healing power of the arts. She is an advocate specializing in establishing meaningful connections that inspire people to fully be themselves

Chér Jey Cuffie-Samateh – Lead Facilitator

With a nurturing spirit and an innate ability to connect with individuals, Chér Jey empowers participants through her heartfelt facilitation. With a wealth of experience in multiple disciplines, she guides our workshops with sensitivity, helping each person discover their unique healing melody.

Zahra Baker – Facilitation Coordinator

Zahra Baker’s passion for music and her dedication to the healing arts shine through in her role as a Facilitation Coordinator. With boundless creativity and a deep understanding of trauma-informed care, Zahra empowers participants to express themselves and find hope through music.

Marcia Berry – Senior Coordinator

Marcia Berry’s dynamic leadership and strategic vision steer our programs towards success and expansion. Her boundless energy and dedication to empowering others are the driving forces behind the impactful experiences we create for our participants.

Dennis Smith – Music Director

With his exceptional musical talent and artistic flair, Dennis Smith orchestrates the magic of music at Harmony, Hope & Healing. As the music director, he weaves melodies that resonate with the souls of our participants, creating an atmosphere of healing and hope.

Our team is united by a shared passion for the transformative power of music. Each member excels in their role, contributing their unique skills and expertise to uplift lives and foster healing in the communities we serve. Together, we create harmonies of hope and melodies of resilience, empowering individuals and families on their journey towards a brighter, more harmonious future.

Melodic Leaders Guiding Our Symphony

Meet the Visionaries Steering Our Harmonious Journey

Our board members are not only esteemed professionals in their respective fields but also passionate advocates for music as a powerful force for healing and social change. Their collective dedication and strategic guidance inspire our organization to reach new heights, bringing harmony, hope, and healing to all we serve.

Let’s meet the individuals who are making a real difference in the lives of those we support:

  • President – Katharine Ogonek
  • Secretary – Crystal Boone
  • Treasurer – David Schmitz
  • Ed D’Onofrio
  • Angela Hicks
  • Stan Jaworski
  • Sandy Kraimer
  • Josh Maywin
  • Katie Pratt
  • Tom Rautenberg
Founding Board President/Board Emeritus

Sister Cathleen Cahill, RSM

Harmony, Hope & Healing, we are not just a team; we are a family united by our passion for music and our unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. With each note played and every voice raised, we create harmonies that transcend boundaries and foster healing. Together, we embrace the transformative power of music, using it as a catalyst to bring hope to those facing adversity.

As we continue on this extraordinary journey, we invite you to join our symphony of support. Whether you are seeking healing through our workshops or looking to make a difference by donating to our organization, your presence adds a unique melody to our collective song of impact.

Your generous contributions not only enable us to provide transformative music programs but also ensure that the healing power of music reaches those who need it the most. Your support harmonizes with our vision, resonating far beyond the notes, and creates a symphony of hope and healing for vulnerable communities.

Thank you for being part of our musical movement. Together, through the gift of music and the power of giving, we create harmony, inspire hope, and bring healing to those we serve.

Every Note Counts in Our Symphony of Healing

Compose Change with Your Contribution

In the world of Harmony, Hope & Healing, every note counts, and your contribution can create beautiful melodies of change. Join us in our mission to heal and empower lives through music. Your donation serves as the conductor that leads this transformative symphony, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their challenges, can access the healing power of music. With your generous support, we can reach more individuals and communities, touching hearts, igniting resilience, and fostering hope. Together, let’s compose a world where the music of compassion reigns supreme. Join the Symphony of Giving today!

Join the Symphony of Giving